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Duchkov, here we come!


Our next show is coming up, this time we’ll be travelling to the Czech Republic for the first edition of the Duchkov Model Show… Come & join us if you can! The summer is a relative ‘down’ time for RetrokiT and for the release of new items but we may have a few new Egg Plane items ready in time for the end of July, depending on how fast the casters can work. We’re expecting the complete kits of the Airbus A330 and A340 (about time the Hasegawa Jumbo Jet Egg Plane gets some company, don’t you think?!), along with the long-awaited cockpit detail sets for the Japanese F-2 and the Phantom II. The Hasegawa Phantom II Egg Plane is also getting no less than 3 sets of differing, detailled, exhaust cans..! We’re now busy working on the patterns for the items we’ll be releasing towards the end of the year, around Telford-time. In between, we expect a few other items to be released including the 1/72 1941 Batplane..! Happy summer holidays!

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SmallSpace 5


Our annual trip to the friendliest SF/F show on this planet is just about upon us!  Come & join us!  Along with the latest Bananaaas! and the rest of our RetroSF catalogue, we’ll also carry some very interesting Gundam goodies..!

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New decals & photo-etched kits!


1/144 photo-etched Lilienthal gliders hit the RetrokiT website today along with some new (and some not so new) 1/144 decals:  Kitsworld’s Warbird Dakotas and Operation Granby Tornados are available now from this site, along with the brand new highly colourful SyHart Mirage 2000C and Tornado IDS sheets.  We’ve re-stocked the amazing Czech AF ‘Splinter’ MiG-21MF sheet from SyHart too..!


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Rafale conversion kit!


If you are, like us, of the opinion that the Revell Rafale kit is still a better offering than the newer Trumpeter kits, you must feel frustrated that Revell never updated the kit into a production standard aircraft, nor took the trouble to modify the kit into the C and B variants.  Thanks to RetroWings, updating the Revell Rafale M is not a problem, nor is modifying it into a Rafale C, but there was no easy Revell Rafale B fix.  Well, this is not a problem anymore!  We’ve combined our Rafale C update/detail set with new parts to allow for the making of this two-seater Rafale.  And it is available now!

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20 new items!


Yes, twenty new items added to the RetroSF and RetroWings catalogues today.  Fans of the Me-262 will welcome no less than six 1/144 detail and conversion sets designed for the Eduard single and twin-seater 262s, in particular..  The final chapters of our 1/144 ‘coverage’ of the old Arii F-102A also takes place today with Case X wings and a neat little exhaust can to replace the not so nice plastic item..  ‘What if’ fans will welcome the Ju-87C conversion kit, also for the 1/144 Eduard offering (Ju-87B), though of course a few airframes were indeed completed and flew during WWII..  The F-14A Tomcat from Revell gets its long-awaited cockpit detail set, as does the Trumpeter Super Tomcat.  Finally, the LS Jaguar gets a set of 1,200L drop tanks.  In the SF realm, we welcome three new Bananaaas! including one that’s likely to please modern aviation fans, while the RetroWings Egg plane range finally bites into Tiger Models ‘deform’ kits.  Expect more for those cuties over the next few months.  The SR-71 Egg plane from Hasegawa also gets another ‘go’ with the arrival of the D-21 Egg Drone…   Last but not least, SW fans can now add some relaxed pilots to their X-, A-, B-,.. Wing Fighters.

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Joyce is out!


Our first Egg Plane girl kit is out (a bit earlier than we anticipated!)..!  Joyce is retailing at a special launch price of €24.99 until the 24th of April 2016, when she’ll go back to her proper price of €29.99.  She is scale at 1/12 and, straight up, would stand 14cm high; given her pose, she stands 12cm high.  We plan to release other Egg Plane girls and would love to hear about your suggestions!

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Latest news…


A single (relatively) new release this time around, the 1/144 Spitfire T.Mk.9 conversion kit is now available on its own.  I would like once more to thanks JBr Decals and Eduard to allow us to offer very successfully, this set as a complete bundle for a while.  There are now almost 20 new items in the process of being cast, hopefully for release in April sometimes, and this will include no less than 6 sets for the 1/144 Eduard Me-262s, a Ju-87C conversion kit, more F-102A bits, the first detail and conversion sets for the Tiger Model ‘Cute Kits’, a D-21 Drone to put on top  of the Hasegawa SR-71 Egg Plane, and, last but not least, several new Bananaaas!  Stay tuned!  Our next show is in Germany, the Euro Model Expo, where we will be trading on the Saturday only, since we will then move on to the IPMS Tienen show in Belgium for the Sunday.