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Smallspace 4

Next show for RetrokiT is Smallspace 4, in Hanslope, nr. Milton Keynes, UK.  This is our fourth participation to this epic SF/F event, the occasion to meet up with a few old friends, meet new ones and hopefully, release a few new ‘yellow helpers’..!  The date is Sunday 12 July, from 9am.

Smallspace 4

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Little setback..


Aaargh!  The planned release of three new ‘yellow helpers’ this month is postponed until probably August due to caster’s health reasons..  There are times when I think the casting should be done in-house, but then I remember I would not have the time to enjoy myself with the making of new patterns..  Outsourcing some aspects of the business made sense 8 years ago, and I think it still makes sense nowadays, even if little setbacks do prop up time to time.  Anyway, work on new patterns is going well and our ‘to be cast’ list grows longer and longer with (along with quite a few other ‘yellow helpers’), a Rufe Egg Plane conversion kit, a 1/200 Boeing 717, and 1/144 bits for Intruder (due out later this month!), Vigilante, Stratojet, Jaguar, Delta Dart and soon to join the list, early Stratofortress.

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Bananaaa Day!


To celebrate the release of our latest yellow friend, Superbananaaa!, we are, for just one day, Friday 29 May 2015, lowering the price to all those yellow helpers to just €5.99 each..!  Get them while you can!

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Osprey Egg Plane Cockpit Detail Set


It’s out!  The latest RetroWings Egg Plane item is here!  This 9-part resin kit will add an extra dimension to your Osprey Egg Plane kit.

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ISM Egg Plane Group Build


For the second year running, RetrokiT were sponsoring the ISM Egg Plane group build, an event that attracted quite a crowd and left us with 16 completed entries.  Here is a link to the ‘Reveal’ vid..  Well worth a visit if you are into Egg Planes, or just for a laugh!

2015 ISM Egg Plane Group Build Reveal Vid

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Middelkerke Show


RetrokiT were, as usual, trading at this very friendly show on the Belgian coast on Sunday 17 May, and we were very honoured to be given the task of selecting the Best of Show from the competition entries..!  We were also offering a special prize for a model built by a Junior modeller and this went to a 9 year old boy from the organising club for a nice ‘Tintin’ diorama.

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Dublin Show

IMSS 1.144 winner

RetrokiT were the proud ‘sponsors’ of two competition classes at the recent IMSS show held in Dublin, Ireland, and we are glad to announce that Marta Slusarska, from Poland, won a $30 voucher for her entry ‘Captain Sapo’, in the SF Class, while Mark Keogh, of Ireland, got a similar prize for his ‘B-2 Spirit’ in the 1/144 Aircraft Class.  Well done!  RetrokiT are aiming to trade at the IMSS show in 2016.

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Welcome back!

Yes, you are not mistaken, this is the RetrokiT website, new look, which you will hopefully find easier to use.  I am afraid your old registration will not count for much anymore and you will be required to register once more with us…  Please do accept our apologies, but rest assured we have worked hard to make your visit, your experience easier, better, nicer.  And safer too.  Hence the ‘s’ that follows the ‘http’ in our address now!

We will be trying to use this new platform (a new cart, in effect) better than the last one, as it’s full of exciting features, but please be patient, because we still need to find the time to develop new patterns, put them into production and on sale..!  Obviously we want a nice website but above all, we need things in it that will make you pay us a visit!

Ideas, comments, suggestions about the new look website are all welcome, please feel free to contact us via the.. ‘Contact Us’ page..!  If you do meet a ‘bug’ or another, let us know too!

We must thank our webmaster, Ashley Van Steenacker in Belgium, for convincing us to do the changes, and helping us implementing them.  Ashley stays on hand to deal with any issues, and we are really very grateful for all his hard work, energy and enthusiasm.

Well, let’s get back to modelling now!

The RetrokiT team


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quick update

It wasn’t possible to make an account since the system was still in development mode.

Now It’s Live which means that you Should be able to make an account under the My Account tab.
If you experiance any other problems please contact us either via the contact-us page or via