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Yet another 1/72 RetroTracks kit announced!


Following closely behind the Belgian Mk.VI self-propelled anti-tank gun kit that will be released at the end of June 2018, we are proud to announce the ‘follow-up’ kit that will be released mid-July 2018.  The AEC Regal-based American Red Cross Clubmobile that roamed Britain from 1942 until 1944.  We remind everyone that both kits will be a limited production run kits, to be pre-ordered before June 15, 2018 for the Mk.VI, and June 29, 2018 for the Clubmobile .  The Clubmobile kit will include interior details, its female crew and decals.   Orders are accepted from today.  Production will cease after June 2018 (Mk.VI) and July 2018 (Clubmobile).

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And the next 1/72 RetroTracks kit is…

RT72072 top

… the curious, diminutive but innovative V.C.L. Mk.VI/47mm SA-RFC used by the Belgian army between 1932 and 1940.  As with the previous two recent 1/72 RetroTracks releases, this will be a limited production run kit, to be pre-ordered before June 15, 2018.  Shipping is expected to take place around June 25, 2018.  Orders are accepted from today.  Production will cease after June 2018.

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After our first big show of the year in Belgium, we are already getting ready for a very busy month of March that will see us visiting four shows in four countries..  The big piece of news is going to be the release of our latest 1/35 AFV kit, scheduled for the 10th of March in Vienna, Austria, but we are planning a few other smaller releases for all those shows.  So stay tuned!  And if you can, join us in Thionville, France early March..!

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2018 Show Season underway!


We start off the new year’ show season with a bang so-to-speak, since our hosts, the Félés (the Crazies!!) organise the first BIG show of the year, each year in a small town near Charleroi, in Belgium.  A great show, with a certain emphasis on figures, but well attended with clubs, traders and visitors coming from many European countries.  Well worth the visit, don’t let the grim February Belgian weather dissuade you!

This will be our first outing in a while (our last show was in the UK early December), and the first outing for over 20 new products we have released since the beginning of the new year.  The show also marks the release of 4 new decal sheets, one for our new 1/100 aircraft range and three for the Tiger Model Cute Series kits.  Those are our first efforts in terms of decals for those two ranges, and we have several more in preparation.  This show also marks the end of the road for our two limited edition 1/72 AFV kits, the Belgian Ford/Marmon-Herrington and the Breda 501.  A few left-over kits will be offered first-come, first-serve basis at the show, but, basically, production has now ended and we wish to thank all those who pre-ordered the kits and let them know their parcels are on their way!  We will soon announce the nature of the next two limited edition 1/72 AFV kits on our FB page and here, of course.


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New RetroWings Range!

RetroWings 100 logo

At long last, here it is, the start of the 1/100 RetroWings range!  Five sets offering cockpit enhancements for the Tamiya Saab 35, Me-163, Me-262, BAC Lightning and Mirage IIIC set us off into a place where few (if any!?) have ventured before!  Those old Tamiya kits are, all in all, very nice (some nicer than others, granted), several are still in the Tamiya catalogue, dirt cheap, and most others, if not all, can still be found second-hand for often very decent prices.  We aim to release a few more sets covering other Tamiya kits, but will in due time move on to other manufacturers, as a lot of aircraft and ‘copters have, surprisingly, been offered at one time or another in this scale…  If RetrokiT are going to deal with detail sets and conversion kits for 1/100 scale models, what about markings, we hear!?  Well, rest assured that we have thought of that too and our first 1/100 decal sheet should be out early February 2018..!

Along with those five new 1/100 sets, we are also releasing today four more detail sets in 1/144.  More conversion kits for the World War Toons caricatures  are to be added shortly too..  Watch this space!

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Happy New Year!!!


Well, well, well…!  It’s been a challenging year, hasn’t it?  Looking back, we have only released about just over 20 new kits or sets during 2017.  We could have released far more new products, but somehow the timing did not always seem ‘right’ and this means 2018 will start with a bang with no less than 18 new products hitting the ‘shelves’ before mid-February.  Amongst those, the first two 1/72 AFV kits we have released in over 4 years.  2017 saw us revive the RetroTracks range with a couple of kits designed for the World War Toons kits, and this gave us the impetus to re-start working on the 1/72, and 1/35, AFV ranges…  Thank you Meng and Studio Roqovan!   The next few weeks will see this range grow too, and with a T34 and a PzIII in the pipeline (or in the post for some!) to add to their existing lines, there’s no way to see when we can ever end coming up with yet more conversion kits!

We were very pleased by the reception of our Egg Concorde at the end of 2017 and 2018 should at least see two more complete Egg Planes join the catalogue (Mirage III tw0-seater anf Kfir), while we consider the many options offered by the Tiger Model Cute series of kits and by the forthcoming Zvezda ‘chibi’ kits..  Decals are definitely on the cards and will soon appear here.

Our now mainstay 1/144 aircraft range is set to keep growing and growing too, as this scale is becoming yet more and more popular with each passing month.  Several new sets will appear here shortly too, as are our first five sets designed to upgrade 1/100 military aircraft kits.  It’s a little ‘niche’ that has been neglected for too long and we hope our resin sets and decal sets will give you the desire to give this scale a go…

RetroSF is set to get a few more Bananaaas over the next few months (six are being cast while 6 more await caster’s time), along with a handful of interesting figures and busts before we turn our attention back to good old SW…

2017 saw us taking part to more shows in more countries than ever before, and the trend is likely to continue in 2018.  It was certainly a good year in terms of meeting people we had either never made an impression on before or only dealt with through our webshop, and for that we are immensely grateful.  Let this trend continue in 2018!

Happy New Year, Folks!

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Busy time!


Only one show left to attend to this year..!  But we are very busy planning our next ‘season’ with planned trips to a number of European countries, to some usual haunts such as Affligem, Lingen, Hornchurch, Ransart, Fréthun, Veldhoven,.. and to quite a few new ones such as Vienna, Compiegne, Nymburg, Stammheim to name but a few…  Of course, the calendar is likely to change quite a bit before we hit the 1st of January 2018, and probably after that date too..  No reason to change regular habits!

Anyway, our second RetroTracks item is now available from those pages, the Calliope conversion kit aimed at the really cute World War Toons Sherman from Meng.  Saying that we are a bit excited about this new Meng range is the understatement of the year, the only problem being that there is a limited number of hours every day, and sooooo many possible conversions possible with the (so far) 6 kits released by Meng in this series…  The past few weeks have been dedicated to designing the next few conversion kits for the WWT kits, and to sculpting for the RetroSF range, with plenty of new goodies set to appear around the end of January 2018.  The next few weeks will be dedicated to our 1/35 and 1/72 AFV ranges, and our Facebook page will soon start showing off the progress made on the forthcoming T13 Type 1 / Type 2, Breda 501 and Harmon/Herrington artillery tractor.  We remind you that the new releases in the 1/72 RetroTracks range are ONLY available through pre-order and will not be made available at shows nor on the RetrokiT website.  Orders are being taken now.

RetroWings fans rest assured we are not forgetting you, we have a large number of completed patterns that await caster’s time and will be released from the New Year..!

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RetroTracks re-born!


Well, we never ever said we were never going to get back to doing AFVs, did we??!  But, yes, let it be known, we’re back at ‘it’..!  Our first step is to start a range of conversion kits for the Meng World War Toons AFVs.   The first of those resin kits is now available, and it will turn the cute WWT M4A1 into a similarly cute M4A3.  A Calliope conversion is to follow soon, and plenty more afterwards based on the other five (currently!) WWT kits.

Probably a little bit more interesting to a few more of you is the return of the 1/72 RetroTracks range with two brand new kits currently being completed (as far as patterns go), and a few more to follow of course.  All those forthcoming 1/72 RetroTracks kits will be available as ‘limited editions’ only: you will be able to pre-order them (the first two will be made available tomorrow, 11 October 2017) and the casters will be asked to run a number of kits equal to the number of orders received.  No more, no less.  Those resin kits will NOT be available at shows, nor through distributors, anytime.  We will simply move on to other AFVs.  The ordering ‘window’ will be in the region of three to four months.  Orders can be placed online, or at shows RetrokiT will attend to.  Those wanting more details or wanting to know the various and sometimes complicated reasons of this ‘different’ way of doing things are welcome to contact us, of course!

Speaking of AFVs, our long-awaited 1/35 Belgian T13 Type 1/Type 2 is now scheduled for release in March 2018 in Vienna (Go Modelling Show), a fitting place since the only surviving example of this curious AFV was found hidden there a few years ago…  You can place a pre-order from today and in doing so get a free 1/35 Belgian tanker figure with the deal..!  This special deal will end at the end of December 2017.

Apart from that, you may notice that our Egg Concorde is now available, also as a pre-order, also as a special edition with BA or Air France markings.  The kit and separate marking will be available after this special offer ends on 30 November 2017 though.

And more Egg Plane bits and three new Bananaaas! should hit the store before the end of the week too, so stay tuned!

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First of all, a big ‘Thank You’ to all who attended to our local show in Seraing, Belgium on 7th of October.  Although it was the club’s 40th annual model show, this one was different on many levels.  For a ‘First’, it was, I think we can say, pretty good.  We plan to build upon what we have created, taking into account comments, suggestions and critiques and we hope to see many of you in 2018!

RetrokiT, as it stands today, is about to complete it’s 10th year of existence, and in order to celebrate this, a number of special ‘deals’ affecting a number of new and forthcoming releases will be offered in the coming days; they will, of course, be limited in time, so stay tuned!  There are some pretty interesting (we hope!) bits of info that will be unveiled too.  Details will appear on our Facebook page over the next few days.  This FB page, by the way, is one of the best ways to keep abreast of what’s being developed and what is currently ticking our fancy!

Last but not least, we are next off to Affligem, Belgium for the IPMS Belgium National Convention (aka Plastic & Steel), where, as usual, RetrokiT sponsors a special prize for the Best Egg Plane in the whole show.  Get your eggs ready, Folks!

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Local Show

40ème-18x24-UK exact

Next on our list of shows to attend to is a local one, very local one since it’s being organised about 1km away from ‘home’.  It’s organised by the club we grew up with, the club we are part of again.  We have changed a lot from the previous years’ formula’: new organising team, one day instead of two, totally different time of the year, re-focus on static scale modelling, lots of exhibitors and traders, a different kind of competition and the use of different halls in the same venue.  But the spirit, the enthusiasm, the welcoming attitude, the fun and the Belgian beers are the same as in the past!  It should be good and you can find all details here.