The RetrokiT Calendar

Show dates for the rest of 2017…  (in bold: confirmed)

London (GB): London Model Show: 3 December
and 2018..!
Aiseau-Presles (B): Pleins Feux sur la Maquettisme: 3-4 February
Thionville (F): 16ème Expo Maquettes: 3-4 March
Vienna (A): Go Modelling 2018: 10-11 March
Hornchurch (GB): Southern Expo: 17-18 March
Lingen (D): Euro Model Expo: 24-25 March
Lubeck (D): 21-22 April
Compiegne (F): 12-13 May: 7ème Salon Modelisme
Middelkerke (B): MMV 2018: 20 May
Nymburg (CZ): Kit Saloon 2018: 16 June
Huy (B): Expo Amay Modeles Club: 30 June
Stammheim (D): 14-15 July
Duchkov (CZ): 28 July
Enghien (B): August
Bunde (D): August
Mons (B): Salon Air-Terre-Mer: 18-19 August
Mulheim-Karlich (D): 25 August
Fréthun (F): 4ème Salon Exposition-Concours: 8-9 September
Seraing (B): 41ème Exposition de Modélisme: 22 September
Affligem (B): Plastic & Steel 2018: 6-7 October
Veldhoven (NL): Scale Model Challenge: 20-21 October
Koblenz (D): 27-28 October
Ostheim (F): 10-11 November: 2ème Exposition Internationale
Fleurus (B): 17-18 November
Bratislava (SK): Plastikova Zima Bratislava 2017: 25 November
London (GB): December

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