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  1. Although I found the old site very easy to use, I do understand the need to change and keep things ‘fresh’. I hope this new site is still a “work in progress”, as there are many items that I cannot find here that were available in the old store.

    Also, I found the currency converter on the old site to be very useful and I would like to see that function added here.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi there Larry,

      A lot of products still have to be added since we have to do it one by one. And that just takes a lot of time.
      I’m going to have a look to add a currency converter. Also If you have any other suggestion or want to see any other futures added or if you encounter an error, Please contact us. at webmaster@retrokitonline.net or via the contact form.

      Kind regards,
      Ashley (Webmaster at intern)

  2. I can get no reply to my emails regarding my orders. Is there something wrong with this new website ? On the old site emails were replied to within 3 days. From a customer service point of view this will damage the reputation of the site if you cannot get answers to questions in a reasonable amount of time especially when you’ve paid for your order !
    Can you explain this
    Thanking you

    1. Hi Steve,

      I’m sorry that your experiencing problems.
      Can you please send the email again to info@retrokitonline.net?
      Also if the problems keep existing don’t hesitate to contact me at webmaster@retrokitonline.net so we can figure this out.

      Thank you.
      – Ashley (website manager)

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