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End of an era.


We had been talking about it for a while and a final decision has now been taken. The 1/72 RetroTracks range is now being discontinued for good. Part of the range had already been passed over to Tas Models and MBM Models (both based in the Netherlands), and the last 14 kits have now been handed over to MBM Models, who will in time restart production and carry those kits under their labels. The reasons for this are numerous, some not so nice to talk about, some far more positive and we will focus on the latter, basically leaving us more time to develop yet more RetroWings and RetroSF products. Obviously, any remaining back orders will be met and dealt with as soon as possible, and we also hope MBM Models are able to re-start production quickly to avoid any lasting disappointments! Beware though that illegal copies of certain RetroTracks kits are being sold from Eastern Europe and we can only ask modellers to stay away from those kits, as purchasing those illegal (and inferior, as cast from actual resin kits rather than from original RetroTracks patterns) copies only makes life harder for those who legally obtained the patterns and who will be kind enough to re-start the production line… We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and clients who have helped and supported us in our 1/72 AFV endeavours for over 11 years now..!

So on to other things now and we are very happy to offer you from today our latest two Egg Plane complete kits, the Airbus A340 and A330. The Hasegawa Jumbo Jet Egg Plane was always in our eyes a very cute but very lonely kit and it is now joined by two other ‘jumbos’ of the airline industry. Those two new RetroWings producs should soon be joined by a Concorde Egg Plane kit too..! Stay tuned as we have a few more new goodies to present you over the next few days…

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  1. Hi Domi, Great news on the Egg Busses! Ordered 1 of each….


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