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Little setback..


Aaargh!  The planned release of three new ‘yellow helpers’ this month is postponed until probably August due to caster’s health reasons..  There are times when I think the casting should be done in-house, but then I remember I would not have the time to enjoy myself with the making of new patterns..  Outsourcing some aspects of the business made sense 8 years ago, and I think it still makes sense nowadays, even if little setbacks do prop up time to time.  Anyway, work on new patterns is going well and our ‘to be cast’ list grows longer and longer with (along with quite a few other ‘yellow helpers’), a Rufe Egg Plane conversion kit, a 1/200 Boeing 717, and 1/144 bits for Intruder (due out later this month!), Vigilante, Stratojet, Jaguar, Delta Dart and soon to join the list, early Stratofortress.

One thought on “Little setback..

  1. Not to worry, waiting builds anticipation and its always worth it in the end.

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