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Hornchurch 2017

Next on our long list of shows to attend to this year is the Southern Expo in Hornchurch, UK.  We have been attending to this show for many years now and RetokiT have been for all those years offering a special prize for the best Junior entry at the competition, a combination of our interest in promoting the hobby to the younger audiences and a celebration of a particular young modeller who left us way too early, young modeller who back in the ‘naughties’ won a Junior Best of Show at this show. This is not a place to talk ‘politics’, but unfortunately, Brexit and in particular the likeliness of the UK coming out of the European Custom Union may well prevent us from going to the Southern Expo in the future…  We hope that this will not be the case.

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  1. Domi, great to hear from you, any progress on your other egg projects? On the subject of politics, I live in Scotland and did not vote for Brexit! The Tory government has allowed this country to dig a deep hole and will pay deerky for it. I am Pro European and a Scottish Independance supporter in the hope Scotland can regain some sort of EU membership – it would be sad that UK politics would refrain you from attending UK Shows! Cheers, Colin

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