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Welcome back!

Yes, you are not mistaken, this is the RetrokiT website, new look, which you will hopefully find easier to use.  I am afraid your old registration will not count for much anymore and you will be required to register once more with us…  Please do accept our apologies, but rest assured we have worked hard to make your visit, your experience easier, better, nicer.  And safer too.  Hence the ‘s’ that follows the ‘http’ in our address now!

We will be trying to use this new platform (a new cart, in effect) better than the last one, as it’s full of exciting features, but please be patient, because we still need to find the time to develop new patterns, put them into production and on sale..!  Obviously we want a nice website but above all, we need things in it that will make you pay us a visit!

Ideas, comments, suggestions about the new look website are all welcome, please feel free to contact us via the.. ‘Contact Us’ page..!  If you do meet a ‘bug’ or another, let us know too!

We must thank our webmaster, Ashley Van Steenacker in Belgium, for convincing us to do the changes, and helping us implementing them.  Ashley stays on hand to deal with any issues, and we are really very grateful for all his hard work, energy and enthusiasm.

Well, let’s get back to modelling now!

The RetrokiT team


2 thoughts on “Welcome back!

  1. If this is your New Website, you better do it again.
    As an IT professional (retired) I find your website most uder-unfriendly and difficult to use
    As a model builder it was almost impossible to find the info I was looking for.
    It took me almost 45 minutes (living in a small village, at the end of the telephone line).
    So you understand I am not very enthousiatic.

    Try to improve/change.
    Thank you best wishes.
    Leo (France)

    1. Hi Leo,

      I’m sorry that your experiencing problems.
      Can you please let me know what you would like to see changed.
      You can contact me directly at

      Thank you.
      – Ashley (website manager)

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