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New RetroWings Range!

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At long last, here it is, the start of the 1/100 RetroWings range!  Five sets offering cockpit enhancements for the Tamiya Saab 35, Me-163, Me-262, BAC Lightning and Mirage IIIC set us off into a place where few (if any!?) have ventured before!  Those old Tamiya kits are, all in all, very nice (some nicer than others, granted), several are still in the Tamiya catalogue, dirt cheap, and most others, if not all, can still be found second-hand for often very decent prices.  We aim to release a few more sets covering other Tamiya kits, but will in due time move on to other manufacturers, as a lot of aircraft and ‘copters have, surprisingly, been offered at one time or another in this scale…  If RetrokiT are going to deal with detail sets and conversion kits for 1/100 scale models, what about markings, we hear!?  Well, rest assured that we have thought of that too and our first 1/100 decal sheet should be out early February 2018..!

Along with those five new 1/100 sets, we are also releasing today four more detail sets in 1/144.  More conversion kits for the World War Toons caricatures  are to be added shortly too..  Watch this space!

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