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Happy New Year!!!


Well, well, well…!  It’s been a challenging year, hasn’t it?  Looking back, we have only released about just over 20 new kits or sets during 2017.  We could have released far more new products, but somehow the timing did not always seem ‘right’ and this means 2018 will start with a bang with no less than 18 new products hitting the ‘shelves’ before mid-February.  Amongst those, the first two 1/72 AFV kits we have released in over 4 years.  2017 saw us revive the RetroTracks range with a couple of kits designed for the World War Toons kits, and this gave us the impetus to re-start working on the 1/72, and 1/35, AFV ranges…  Thank you Meng and Studio Roqovan!   The next few weeks will see this range grow too, and with a T34 and a PzIII in the pipeline (or in the post for some!) to add to their existing lines, there’s no way to see when we can ever end coming up with yet more conversion kits!

We were very pleased by the reception of our Egg Concorde at the end of 2017 and 2018 should at least see two more complete Egg Planes join the catalogue (Mirage III tw0-seater anf Kfir), while we consider the many options offered by the Tiger Model Cute series of kits and by the forthcoming Zvezda ‘chibi’ kits..  Decals are definitely on the cards and will soon appear here.

Our now mainstay 1/144 aircraft range is set to keep growing and growing too, as this scale is becoming yet more and more popular with each passing month.  Several new sets will appear here shortly too, as are our first five sets designed to upgrade 1/100 military aircraft kits.  It’s a little ‘niche’ that has been neglected for too long and we hope our resin sets and decal sets will give you the desire to give this scale a go…

RetroSF is set to get a few more Bananaaas over the next few months (six are being cast while 6 more await caster’s time), along with a handful of interesting figures and busts before we turn our attention back to good old SW…

2017 saw us taking part to more shows in more countries than ever before, and the trend is likely to continue in 2018.  It was certainly a good year in terms of meeting people we had either never made an impression on before or only dealt with through our webshop, and for that we are immensely grateful.  Let this trend continue in 2018!

Happy New Year, Folks!

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