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RetroTracks re-born!


Well, we never ever said we were never going to get back to doing AFVs, did we??!  But, yes, let it be known, we’re back at ‘it’..!  Our first step is to start a range of conversion kits for the Meng World War Toons AFVs.   The first of those resin kits is now available, and it will turn the cute WWT M4A1 into a similarly cute M4A3.  A Calliope conversion is to follow soon, and plenty more afterwards based on the other five (currently!) WWT kits.

Probably a little bit more interesting to a few more of you is the return of the 1/72 RetroTracks range with two brand new kits currently being completed (as far as patterns go), and a few more to follow of course.  All those forthcoming 1/72 RetroTracks kits will be available as ‘limited editions’ only: you will be able to pre-order them (the first two will be made available tomorrow, 11 October 2017) and the casters will be asked to run a number of kits equal to the number of orders received.  No more, no less.  Those resin kits will NOT be available at shows, nor through distributors, anytime.  We will simply move on to other AFVs.  The ordering ‘window’ will be in the region of three to four months.  Orders can be placed online, or at shows RetrokiT will attend to.  Those wanting more details or wanting to know the various and sometimes complicated reasons of this ‘different’ way of doing things are welcome to contact us, of course!

Speaking of AFVs, our long-awaited 1/35 Belgian T13 Type 1/Type 2 is now scheduled for release in March 2018 in Vienna (Go Modelling Show), a fitting place since the only surviving example of this curious AFV was found hidden there a few years ago…  You can place a pre-order from today and in doing so get a free 1/35 Belgian tanker figure with the deal..!  This special deal will end at the end of December 2017.

Apart from that, you may notice that our Egg Concorde is now available, also as a pre-order, also as a special edition with BA or Air France markings.  The kit and separate marking will be available after this special offer ends on 30 November 2017 though.

And more Egg Plane bits and three new Bananaaas! should hit the store before the end of the week too, so stay tuned!

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