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Busy time!


Only one show left to attend to this year..!  But we are very busy planning our next ‘season’ with planned trips to a number of European countries, to some usual haunts such as Affligem, Lingen, Hornchurch, Ransart, Fréthun, Veldhoven,.. and to quite a few new ones such as Vienna, Compiegne, Nymburg, Stammheim to name but a few…  Of course, the calendar is likely to change quite a bit before we hit the 1st of January 2018, and probably after that date too..  No reason to change regular habits!

Anyway, our second RetroTracks item is now available from those pages, the Calliope conversion kit aimed at the really cute World War Toons Sherman from Meng.  Saying that we are a bit excited about this new Meng range is the understatement of the year, the only problem being that there is a limited number of hours every day, and sooooo many possible conversions possible with the (so far) 6 kits released by Meng in this series…  The past few weeks have been dedicated to designing the next few conversion kits for the WWT kits, and to sculpting for the RetroSF range, with plenty of new goodies set to appear around the end of January 2018.  The next few weeks will be dedicated to our 1/35 and 1/72 AFV ranges, and our Facebook page will soon start showing off the progress made on the forthcoming T13 Type 1 / Type 2, Breda 501 and Harmon/Herrington artillery tractor.  We remind you that the new releases in the 1/72 RetroTracks range are ONLY available through pre-order and will not be made available at shows nor on the RetrokiT website.  Orders are being taken now.

RetroWings fans rest assured we are not forgetting you, we have a large number of completed patterns that await caster’s time and will be released from the New Year..!